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KA Designs offer a range of services to bring your visions and aspirations for any building project to life...
no matter how large or small.

Whether it be an extension, loft or flat conversion, or a new build house, we will satisfy all your design, planning and building regulation requirements and needs.
We pride ourselves in providing bespoke, conscientious, environmentally friendly and standards-compliant designs.


Many projects require approval by local authorities, but not all developments require permission, we provide professional, honest and impartial advice. We form a personal relationship with our clients to help create and submit your plans to the local authorities.
KA Designs produce technical drawings and literature to support your application and ensure its best chance for approval.
Nearly all building works require Building Control approvals and must meet Building Regulation Standards.
We provide technical drawings and details for both regulatory bodies to check and approve and to allow contractors to build for any project.
When works are being carried out to a party wall an agreement should be made with your neighbour before works commence. Not always the easiest thing to discuss, but it is a legal obligation everyone has when carrying out this type of work in order to protect the neighbouring property.
We can facilitate these negotiations to reach an agreement with your neighbours in a professional and friendly manner.
With many years experience in the construction industry, we offer on-site supervision throughout the construction phase of your project. We will co-ordinate and liaise with all parties involved, thus ensuring the best possible build quality.
CDM 2015 are regulations governing the management of health, safety and welfare when undertaking construction projects. As of 6th April 2015, residential projects will be required to comply with CDM, by appointing duty-holders and making suitable arrangements for managing a project.
As designers, we also have a role in the planning, management, monitoring and co-ordination of health and safety in the pre-construction phase of the project.


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